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We used a sliding window technique to animate social network data network (also on google maps)  combined from GraphML, DyNetML and KML.


Yiwei Cao, Ralf Klamma, Marc Spaniol, Y. Leng: A Toolkit to Support Dynamic Social Network Visualization, Published in The 9th International Conference on Visual Information Systems, June 28-29, 2007, Shanghai, China


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Check what Gephi can offer on dynamic networks: (at 2:15)

It currently provides topology changes over time. Node and edge attributes evolution will be available soon.

Sebastien Heymann

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You can stack the matrices in UCINET and then visualize them either as a series or as all times in the same normalized space using correspondence analysis.  See the following for an example:

Johnson, Boster, Palinkas.  Social Roles and the Evolution of Social Networks in Isolated and Extreme Environments.
Journal of Mathematical Sociology, Vol. 27 numbers 2-3 (2003).
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