Hi all,

In April there was a brief thread on this listserv about slow response times to support requests from TutorTrac.  At the time, it was noted that the staff had been busy with the annual conference.  My experience lately has been that not only has response time not improved since then, but that it has actually gotten worse.  I suspect this is due to the number of conversions to 4.0 that are happening over the summer.  I am primarily interested the recent experiences of those who have either already converted to 4.0 before the summer or whose conversions are still a long way off, as your support needs are more likely to be "garden variety" like mine and not specifically conversion-related.  It would help me to be able to relate to my dean whether our experience is commonplace or unique.

Thanks in advance!


Michele Costabile Doney
Coordinator, Math and Science Tutoring
NCLCA Certified in Learning Center Leadership, Level One
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
646-557-4595    [log in to unmask]

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