Here’s another post on cultural evolution, the seventh in the series. I plan three more and then a post that will go up at the website for the National Humanities Institute (USA).

In this post I step back from working out my own position on cultural evolution and take a look at the current state of work in terms of the Two Cultures issue. I assert (only that, as I don’t review the literature) that most of the thinking is being done by scientists, or by people trained as scientists, but that they don’t seem to know much about culture at a detailed level (linguistics excepted) nor do they display much interest in it. There’s not much linkage to psychology either.

Humanists, on the other hand, simply aren’t interested in evolutionary approaches to culture.

Once I’ve run through that I preview the final three installments and then  add a note on design (based on an article in a recent American Scientist) .


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