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Dr. Stephen R. Humphrey, Director, 
School of Natural Resources and Environment, 
Box 116455, 103 Black Hall, University of Florida 
Gainesville, FL  32611-6455  USA 
Tel. 352-392-9230, Fax 352-392-9748 

The Engineers Without Borders Cambodia project team would like to 
welcome you out to an open house to explain our project and enjoy 
some light refreshments cooked on our biogas stove ran by our 
model digester.  The open house will be located at the BioEnergy 
and Sustainable Technology Laboratory on Southwest 23rd Terrace 
(,-82.361434)  and will 
begin at 10:30 am on Friday, July 2nd.  We would like to thank Dr. 
Wilkie for her hospitality in making this event possible.  If you 
would like to read up on biogas before attending, a great resource 
is   Please let me know if you have 
any questions!  (If replying to this email, make sure that it's 
headed to my email address!)

Thank you,

Jon Alldridge
Graduate Assistant
University of Florida
Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
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Cell: (561) 758-6296

Yelena Granovskaya
Bioenergy & Sustainable Technology Society
University of Florida
Environmental Science
Sustainability Studies Minor
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