Virtual Power Plants is a misnomer. Power isn't  added; demand is reduced.

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During a few hours of last week's East Coast heat wave, thousands of megawatts worth of electricity--enough to power hundreds of thousands of homes--were temporarily removed from the grid, a practice grid operators expect to do more often to weather energy supply crunches on the grid.

PJM, which operates the wholesale electricity market in 13 states, on Monday reported that it put into effect an "emergency" demand response program last week, tapping over 2,500 megawatts worth of energy reductions, dispersed over thousands of sites, to ensure that electricity flowed during times of peak demand.


During a hot day in June, there were a number of failures at power plants and ISO New England had to call in contracts for efficiency services. One of those providers, EnerNoc, said that it lowered electricity demand by 380 megawatts within a few hours. That reduction meant that ISO New England did not have to pay top dollar to purchase the energy needed to supply the region during a time of high demand, EnerNoc said.


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