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At Sunbelt, I noticed a growing number of conference attendees having dinner
at El Vaticano each night.  This was a restaurant that was across the square
from the hospitality suite.  I also noticed that the son of the owner would
give complimentary champagne, sorbet, etc to people he thought were with the
conference as a means of promoting his establishment.

I thought it would be fun to collect SNA data on the people who had dinner
at El Vaticano over the course of the conference.  If you are willing,
please provide the following data to me, I will annonymize the data, and
provide it to the list.

each day you had dinner at El Vaticano
who you had dinner with
how you heard about El Vaticano
any days that you received a "present" and what it was (i.e. bottle of

Hopefully, this will be a fun diffusion data set for people to explore.

See you all in February.

Ian McCulloh

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