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ASONAM 2010 - CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (9-11 August 2010, Odense,
Denmark) []
(The 2010 International Conference on Advances in Social Network
Analysis and Data Mining)
(OSINT-WM 2010 [] will also be held in conjunction
with ASONAM 2010)

Conference Information:
Following the great success of ASONAM09 in Athens (20-22 July 2009),
ASONAM2010 will be held in Odense, Denmark,
August 9-11, 2010. ASONAM will provide an interdisciplinary venue for
practitioners and researchers from a variety
of Social
Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM) fields to promote collaborations
and exchange of ideas and practices
with a specific focus on emerging trends.

ASONAM conference proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer
Society Press(Technical Co-sponsorship by IEEE
Computer Society - TCDE)

Registration details can be accessed from

Tentative ASONAM 2010 Program []
	ASONAM & OSINT-WM Keynote Speakers:
	-Data Mining for Networks - The Good and the Bad
		Stanley Wasserman, Indiana University
	-Enhancing Early Warning with Open Source Intelligence
		Johnny Engell-Hansen, Head of Operations Unit Council of the European Union
	-Operating Risk Intelligence in an Age of Information Abundance
		Andrew Chester, Juno Risk Solutions
	-Bridging the "Two Cultures" of Open Source Intelligence
		Chris Pallaris, i-intelligence,
	-Multilingual Event Extraction for Border Security Intelligence Gathering
		Jakub Piskorski, Joint Research center, European Commission
	-Trends in Terrorist Propaganda
		Berto Jongman , Dutch Ministry of Defense

	OSINT-WM 2010 Inaugural Talk
	-Please Hurry
		Arno H. P. Reuser, Defense Intelligence and Security Service, The Netherlands

	Date: 9 August 2010, 10:30-12:30
	Session: Applications of Social Networks (Room: O-99)
	-A Social Network Analysis and Mining  Methodology for the Monitoring
of Specific Domains in the Blogosphere
		Darko Obradovid, Stephan Baumann and Andreas Dengel
	-Learning from the Past: An Analysis of Person Name Corrections in
DBLP Collection and Social Network Properties
	of Affected Entities
		Florian Reitz and Oliver Hoffmann
	-The Structure of the Computer Science Knowledge Network
		Manh Cuong Pham and Ralf Klamma
	-Business-oriented Analysis of a Social Network of University Students
		Vincent Labatut and Jean-Michel Balasque

	Session: Social Network Analysis(Room: O-95)
	-Product adoption networks and their growth in a large mobile phone network
		Pål Roe Sundsøy, Johannes Bjelland, Geoffrey Canright, Kenth
Engø-Monsen and Rich Ling
	-Labeling Communities using Structural Properties
		Mohan Saravanan, Garigipati Prasad, Karishma Surana and Dew Suganthi
	-Online social network popularity evolution: an additive mixture model
		Thomas Couronne, Alina Stoica and Jean-Samuel Beuscart
	-Community Aware Personalized Web Search
		Omair Shafiq, Reda Alhajj and Jon G. Rokne
	-Enriching and Simplifying Communication by Social Prioritization
		Juwel Rana, Johan Kristiansson and Kåre Synnes

	Workshop on Mining Social Networks for Decision Support(Room: O-96)
	-Automatic Detection of Social Tag Spams Using a Text Mining Approach
		Hsin-Chang Yang and Chung-Hong Lee
	-Improving marketing response by data mining in social network
		Jerzy Surma and Anna Furmanek
	-Identifying Themes in Social Media and Detecting Sentiments
		Jayanta Kumar Pal and Abhisek Saha
	-A Hierarchical Algorithm for Clustering Extremist Web Pages
		Xingqin Qi, Kyle Christensen, Robert Duval, Edgar Fuller, Arian
Spahiu, Qin Wu and Cun-Quan Zhang
	-A Dynamic and Task-Oriented Social Network Extraction System Based
on Analyzing Personal Social Data
		Kai-Yu Wang, I-Hsien Ting, Hui-Ju Wu and Pei-Shan Chang		

	Date: 9 August 2010, 15:15-17:25
	Session: Social Aspects I (Room: O-99)
	-Empirical Study of Social Features’ Roles in Buyers’ Complex Decision Making
		Li Chen
	-Detecting Social Positions using Simulation
		Joel Brynielsson, Johanna Högberg, Lisa Kaati, Christian Mårtenson
and Pontus Svenson
	-What Can the Temporal Social Behavior Tell Us? An Estimation of
Vertex-Betweenness Using Dynamic Social
		Jing-Kai Lou, Shou-de Lin, Kuan-Ta Chen And Chin-Laung Lei
	-Opinion Detection in Blogs: What is still Missing?
		Malik Muhammad Saad Missen, Mohand Boughanem and Guillaume Cabanac
	-Analyzing the Blogosphere for Predicting the Success of Music and
Movie Products
		Fabian Abel, Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Nicola Henze, Daniel Krause and
Patrick Siehndel

	Session: Algorithms for Social Networks I (Room: O-95)
	-Incremental Detection of Local Community Structure
		L. Karl Branting
	-Application of Genetic Algorithms to the Identification of Website
Link Structure
		Rocío Martínez Torres, Beatriz Palacios Florencio, Sergio Toral
Marín and Federico Barrero García
	-Iterative Annotation of Multi-relational Social Networks
		Stéphane Peters, Ludovic Denoyer and Patrick Gallinari
	-Efficient Extraction of High-Betweenness Vertices
		Wen Haw Chong, Wei Shan Belinda Toh and Loo Nin Teow
	-Detecting Communities in Massive Networks based on Local Community
Attractive Force Optimization
		Qi Ye, Bin Wu, Yuan Gao and Bai Wang

	Session: Detecting Various Aspects in Social Networks (Room: O-96)
	Profiling Phishing Emails Based on Hyperlink Information
		-John Yearwood, Musa Mammadov and Arunava Banerjee
	Assessing Expertise Awareness in Resolution Networks
		-Yi Chen, Shu Tao, Xifeng Yan, Nikos Anerousis, Qihong Shao
	Faving Reciprocity in Content Sharing Communities: A comparative
analysis of Flickr and Twitter
		-Jong Gun Lee, Panayotis Antoniadis and Kavé Salamatian
	Identifying Networks of Semantically-Similar Individuals from Public
Discussion Forums
		-James A. Danowski
	The Effect of Network Realism on Community Detection Algorithms
		-Günce K. Orman and Vincent Labatut		

	Date: 10 August 2010, 11:30-12:45
	Open Source INTelligence and Web Mining 2010 Symposium(Room: O-99)
	-A Global Measure for Estimating the Degree of Organization of
Terrorist Networks
		Khaled Dawoud, Reda Alhajj and Jon Rokne
	-Detecting New Trends in Terrorist Networks
		Uffe Kock Wiil, Nasrullah Memon and Panagiotis Karampelas
	-Text-Based Web Page Classification with Use of Visual Information
		Vladimír Bartík
	-A Case Study of Open Source and Public Participation in Catalyzing
Social Innovations
		Helen K. Liu and Jodi Sandfort

	Session: Social Aspects II(Room: O-95)
	-Leveraging contextual information to explore posting and linking
behaviors of bloggers
		Sofus A. Macskassy
	-White’s Three Disciplines and Relative Valuation Order: Countering
the social ignorance of automated data
	collection and analysis
		Steven McDermott
	-Detecting Leaders in Behavioral Networks
		Ilham Esslimani, Armelle Brun, Anne Boyer

	Session: Models for Social Networks I(Room: O-96)
	-Tracking the Evolution of Communities in Dynamic Social Networks
		Derek Greene, D?nal Doyle and Pádraig Cunningham
	-Rhythm and Randomness in Human Contact
		Mervyn P. Freeman, Nicholas W. Watkins, Eiko Yoneki, and Jon Crowcroft
	-An Analysis of Communities in Different Types of Online Forums
		Mikolaj Morzy
	Date: 11 August 2010, 10:30-12:35
	Session: Clustering, Data Mining & Identification(Room: O-99)
	-A Multiobjective and Evolutionary Clustering Method for Dynamic Networks
		Francesco Folino and Clara Pizzuti
	-Overlapping Community Detection by Collective Friendship Group Inference
		Bradley S. Rees and Keith B. Gallagher
	-Clustering Social Networks Using Distance-preserving Subgraphs
		Ronald Nussbaum, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian, and Pang-Ning Tan
	-Web Clustering Using Social Bookmarking Data with Dimension
Reduction Regarding Similarity
		Hidekazu Yanagimoto, Michifumi Yoshioka and Sigeru Omatu
	-Key player identification: a note on weighted connectivity games and
the Shapley value
		Roy Lindelauf and Iris Blankers
	-Dynamic Features of Social Tagging Vocabulary: Delicious, Flickr and YouTube
		Daifeng Li, Ying Ding, Zheng Qin, Staša Milojevid, Bing He, Erjia
Yan and Tianxi Dong

	Session: Privacy and Security(Room: O-95)
	-A Framework for Improved Adolescent and Child Safety in MMOs
		Lyta Penna, Andrew Clark and George Mohay
	-Measuring Link Importance in Terrorist Networks
		Uffe Kock Wiil, Jolanta Gniadek and Nasrullah Memon
	-Optimizing Multiple Centrality Computations for Reputation Systems
		Christian von der Weth, Klemens Böhm and Christian Hütter
	-New Approach to Manage Security Against Neigborhood Attacks in Social Networks
		B. K. Tripathy and Gouri Kumar Panda
	-Virus Propagation Modeling in Facebook
		Wei Fan and Kai Hau Yeung

	Session: Algorithms for Social Networks II(Room: O-96)
	-Fast Discovery of Reliable Subnetworks
		Petteri Hintsanen, Hannu Toivonen and Petteri Sevon
	-Detecting highly overlapping communities with Model-based
Overlapping Seed Expansion
		Aaron McDaid and Neil Hurley
	-Quest: An Adaptive Framework for User Profile Acquisition from
Social Communities of Interest
		Nima Dokoohaki and Mihhail Matskin
	-Information propagation analysis in a social network site
		Matteo Magnani, Danilo Montesi and Luca Rossi

	Date: 11 August 2010, 13:45-15:30
	Session: Representation, Visualization, and Interaction(Room: O-99)
	-Pixel-Oriented Visualization of Change in Social Networks
		Klaus Stein, René Wegener and Christoph Schlieder
	-Using Vector Clocks to Visualize Communication Flow
		Martin Harrigan
	-COSI: Cloud Oriented Subgraph Identification in Massive Social Networks
		Matthias Bröcheler, Andrea Pugliese and V.S. Subrahmanian
	-Visualizing the evolution of users’ profiles from online social networks
		Dieudonné Tchuente, Marie-Françoise Canut, Nadine Baptiste Jessel,
André Péninou, Anass El Haddadi

	Session: Models for Social Networks II(Room: O-95)
	-Semi-Supervised Classification of Network Data Using Very Few Labels
		Frank Lin and William W. Cohen
	-How to Forget the Second Side of the Story: A New Method for the
One-Mode Projection of Bipartite Graphs
		Katharina A. Zweig
	-A study on social network metrics and their application in trust networks
		Iraklis Varlamis, Magdalini Eirinaki and Malamati Louta
	-Subjective Document Classification using Network Analysis
		Minkyoung Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang and June-Sup Lee

	Session: Recommendation and Prediction(Room: O-96)
	-A Unified Framework for Link Recommendation Using Random Walks
		Zhijun Yin, Manish Gupta, Tim Weninger, Jiawei Han
	-Mining Interaction Behaviors for Email Reply Order Prediction
		Byung-Won On, Ee-Peng Lim, Jing Jiang, Amruta Purandare and Loo-Nin Teow
	-Crumblr: Aggregation and Sharing of Spatial Content in Mobile Environments
		Dragan Šunjka, Darko Obradovid and Andreas Dengel
	-A Movie Rating Prediction Algorithm with Collaborative Filtering
		O. Bora Fikir, lker O. Yaz and Tansel Özyer
	-Supervised Machine Learning applied to Link Prediction in Bipartite
Social Networks
		Nasserine Benchettara, Rushed Kanawati and Céline Rouveirol

	Poster Sessions (9-11 August 2010):
	-An Empirical Analysis on Social Capital and Enterprise 2.0
Participation in a Research Institute
		Ferron Michela, Frassoni Marco, Massa Paolo, Napolitano Maurizio, Setti Davide
	-Community Comparison in Communication Networks
		Belkacem Serrour and Hamamache Kheddouci
	-Hierarchy in Germany’s Corporate Network
		Mishael Milakovid, Matthias Raddant, and Laura Birg
	-A multidisciplinary model of dynamic and semantic social networks
analysis for institutions
		Christophe Thovex and Francky Trichet
	-Comparison of feature-based criminal network detection models with
k-core and n-clique
		Fatih Ozgul, Zeki Erdem, Chris Bowerman and Claus Atzenbeck
	-Designing, Analyzing and Exploiting Stake-based Social Networks
		Tsung-Ting Kuo, Jung-Jung Yeh, Chia-Jen Lin, Shou-De Lin
	-Mining Potential Partnership through Opportunity Discovery in
Research Networks
		Alessandro Cucchiarelli and Fulvio D’Antonio
	-Augmenting Rapid Clustering Method for Social Network Analysis
		J. Prabhu, M. Sudharshan, M. Saravanan and G.Prasad
	-Linking Collaborative Filtering and Social Networks: Who are my Mentors?
		Armelle Brun and Anne Boyer
	-Finding Patterns of Students’ Behavior in Synthetic Social Networks
		Gamila Obadi, Pavla Drázdilová, Jan Martinovic, Katerina Slaninováy
and Václav Snášel
	-Social Network Analysis of Iran’s Green Movement Opposition Groups
using Twitter
		Kaveh Ketabchi Khonsari, Zahra Amin Nayeri, Ali Fathalian and Leila Fathalian

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