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Dear list members,
I attended a commercial presentation of Wolfram Mathematica (WM) software. It 
impressed me very much.  
I'd like to know your opinion (Does it deserve attention as I guess now?), as 
well as suggestions, examples and papers, about the possible use WM in the 
analysis of SN data. Such software has a graph package, a data library and 
functionalities for statistical and interactive data analysis and visualization. 

Nevertheless, I couldn't find many papers from social network area that mention 

I've done an initial search. I far as I know there is no reference to WM in 
Linton Freeman, and Mak Huisman and Marijtje Duijn's chapters (in Models and 
Methods in SNA book). INSNA website old software list does not mention it also. 
My search ("social network" "Wolfram mathematica") in Google Schoolar returned 
just 1 paper, and in Google Web returned mainly commercial links from Wolfram. 
There is no relevant reference in SOCNET list archive. Finally, I've found only 
2 real citations in Social Networks journal (John P. Boyda and William J. 
Fitzgeraldb et al. deal with core/periphery structure).
Is that all? 
Currently, I adopt UCINET. I'm testing WM functionalities for SNA in my academic 


For those that eventually don't know WM, there are some [graphical] 
demonstrations in:
Thanks for your help, 
Renato Fabiano
PhD Student at UFMG, Brazil  


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