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Dear Networkers –


I’m happy to announce the publication of the (hopefully first annual!) Journal of Social Structure visualization symposium!


This represents a “live” experiment in social scientific publication, as the symposium is open for viewer comments/exchanges with the authors in a form of an open “dialogic review;”  where you as readers can comment on the visualizations and authors (and other readers) can respond.  We hope this sparks new ideas about network data presentation and look forward to a lively (but polite and supportive) exchange.


The symposium page is linked from the “special issues” tab of the journal webpage: http://www.cmu.edu/joss/  or you can find it directly here: http://www.cmu.edu/joss/content/issues/vizsymposium.html .


I’d also like to take just a moment to thank Cindy Carroll, Cathleen McGrath, Chris Kellen, and Robin Gauthier  for their help getting the issue up.  There were significant technical challenges here and they did a remarkable job.   Also deep thanks to the authors for their patience with the entire process.


The issue will remain live and open for comments for about 4 months – unless there are some still active threads; then we’ll close it and archive the full discussion sets as part of the JoSS catalog.


All the best,

Jim Moody, for the JoSS Editorial Team.




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