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 Some help required analyzing ego-network data in UCINET:


I have 88 ego-networks, with a total of 606 alters. To start with, I am
using UCINET to gather some basic measures of the ego-networks to allow
me to compare them - measures such as density, geodesic distance etc


So far, and this is my first social network data analysis experience, I
have been using UCINET point and click method (network->cohesion->blah)
- which, as you can imagine, becomes rather tedious after only 10 or so
ego networks have been analysed for ONE of the many measures that are


So, are there shortcuts? Can I paste all my data into one spreadsheet
separated into 88 groups and run one measure at a time using that? Or,
can I gather more than one measure at a time for each network ( a bit
like: network->centrality->multiple measures)? Or something completely


Or, should I use something other than UCINET?


Thanks in advance of any help,



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