Hi, Kathleen,

I'm a UF alumnus. Can I access the website? Thanks

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> Free Access to Water Research Foundation Reports for UF faculty 
> and students
> UF faculty and students can now open, view and download research 
> reports posted on Water Research Foundation's web site 
> (
> To receive the user name and password, contact:
> Michelle Foss
> Science & Technology Librarian
> Marston Science Library
> wrf@ufl ib.ufl .edu
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> From: Foss,Michelle M
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> To: Mckee,Kathleen A
> Subject: Water Research Foundation Reports database
> The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is an organization that 
> sponsors research to help water utilities, public health agencies 
> and other water professionals provide safe and affordable 
> drinking water.  Because these extremely useful technical reports 
> are produced for government and corporate agencies, they are very 
> expensive.  While these reports are needed at institutions like 
> UF, where significant water research is conducted, the Libraries 
> have not been able to acquire these reports due to their high 
> costs.  Fortunately, the Marston Science Library has developed a 
> one year pilot program with the WRF to make these online reports 
> freely available to the UF academic community for the 2010 
> calendar year. The requirement for access is limited to UF 
> faculty and students. A "username" and "password" is required and 
> these may be obtained by submitting an e-mail to 
> [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> .  The usual 
> copyright restrictions do apply and the username and password 
> should not be given to anyone else.  The WRF will monitor the 
> downloads and access during this year.
> Please view the attached flyer for additional details.
> Thank you,
> Michelle
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> Michelle Foss
> Science & Technology Librarian
> Marston Science Library
> University of Florida
> Gainesville, FL
> 352-273-2866 (ph)
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