There have been a few discussions in the past weeks on LRNASST regarding
Early Warning Systems.  I am glad to report that for the past few months we
have been working on an Early Warning System software.  Here is how it

1) The system administrator can create an Early Warning form that will be
used to issue the warnings.  This is a web-based form that can be accessed
online by instructors or staff.  The System Administrator can create the
form with whatever questions they like and indicate who will get a copy of
the form when it is submitted.  Here is an example of a possible form:

	- Areas of Concern:
		[ ] Excessive absences and/or tardiness
		[ ] Low test scores 
		[ ] Incomplete or missing assignments 
		[ ] Poor study skills or time management 
		[ ] Lack of basic skills (reading, writing, or math)
		[ ] Other (please enter below)

	- Recommendation:
		[ ] Tutoring
		[ ] Advising
		[ ] Study Skills Course
		[ ] Placement Test
		[ ] Other (please enter below)

	- Status: 
		[ ] The student is passing the class at this time.
		[ ] I have discussed my concerns with the student.
		[ ] The student dropped the course

(Keep in mind that the above are just examples and you are free to design
the form with whatever questions you see appropriate.)

2) Once the form is created, it can be accessed by instructors or other
staff online.  The instructor or staff member will fill in the form and
click "Submit".  This will cause two things to happen:

	(a) Email messages with the warning information will be sent out to
people you selected when you designed the form.

	(b) The warning information will be added to your database.

(3) Staff will be able to log in and enter follow up information on each
warning.  The system will track the follow ups and will show status of each
warning as you proceed with your response to the warning.

The above Early Warning System software is being added to our Accudemia
software (see and will be
released later this month in time for the upcoming fall semester.  Since
this is a new system, we would like to get your feedback on it, so we are
offering free usage of the system for the entire fall semester.  There is no
fee and no obligation - all we ask for in return is feedback on how well the
system worked for your institution.  

Note that the Accudemia system is hosted on our servers, so you do not need
to install any software or buy a web server, database software, etc.  All
you need is a web browser and your account's information, which we will
create for you when you sign up.

To apply for this offer, or for more information, please email me off the
list at [log in to unmask]    


Mon Nasser
Engineerica Systems, Inc.


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