In order to compare our learning center to other "like" learning centers, I
am interested in gathering some data about staffing, physical space,
professional development, and equipment.  

First, I'm looking for data from schools who would be "like" our learning
center at UIS.  Does your learning center support an institution with 5000
students?  Would your institution be considered a public liberal arts

If you answered yes to these questions, please consider sharing information
about your staffing, physical space, professional development, and
equipment.  For example, how many employees to you have (part-time and
full-time)?  How would you describe your physical space - mostly small
offices or large open spaces?  Do you provide professional development for
full-time staff and part-time staff, neither, or only full-time?  What type
of equipment do you have in your learning center - computers, projects, lap
top cart, etc.?

Please contact me off list if you would prefer.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Kandice Pryor 
Center for Teaching and Learning 
University of Illinois at Springfield
Interim Director 
BRK 461 
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