We're moving to TutorTrac(R) next month, but here is a copy of the form
that our tutors used over the last year and a half.  We print four
copies to a page and insert the tutor's last name in advance of
photocopying to decrease time.






Tutor's Name:



Time In:

Time Out:

Have you visited the 

CLR before?

Yes   No


Yes    No

Student's Full Name:




Prof. Name & Initial:

Student's Year:

F   So  J   Se   G

Follow-up Visit


Yes  No  w/Prof.

Material Covered:








 Athl. Notif.? Y N





Notify Prof.? Y N


While I understand Karin's comments about students taking responsibility
for their sessions, there are other factors at work in our choice to
require our staff (professional tutors, graduate students, and
undergraduates) to fill out this form for each session:  1.) We're able
to track and access data on utilization levels and types of support
provided, 2.) Some students possess a vested interest in reporting to
faculty/coaches that they attended tutoring when they haven't always
done so, 3.) It makes us eligible to procure more funding/administrative
support, and 4.) We develop a better working relationship with the
faculty and Athletics staff by keeping open lines of communication.  All
students are allowed to opt out of notifying a faculty member or coach
of a visit, but rarely do they take it for the simple reality that
coming for tutoring shows a vested interest in improving academically.


Here is a copy of our weekly notification e-mail as an example.



July 12, 2010


Greetings Professor Hartmann,


Please be aware that the following students in your classes visited the
Center for Learning Resources for assistance between July 5th and 12th.


Student's First Name

Student's Last Name

Tutor's Name

Professor's Last Name, First Initial

Course Number

Time In

Time Out

Material Covered

Follow-Up Recommended?




Wu York

Hartmann, J.

E 110

5:10:00 PM

5:00:00 PM

Re" Athletes are dreamers":  Helped him to start a rough outline
comparing Paul Berlin's dreams with student's dreams as an athlete.





If there are any pending assignments of which we should be aware,
particularly ones on which we should not assist your students, please
let us know promptly.  Also, we appreciate electronic copies of
assignments and your syllabi for our files to help us better support
your students.  If you are willing to share them, you may send them to 
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> .  Please include your name
and the class(es) and section(s) to which they pertain.


If we can be of further assistance, please let us know how. 



Debbie Malewicki, MA

Director, Center for Learning Resources



In the 1.5 years we've been using this system, we've received a couple
hundred "thank you" notes from the recipients for this information.




Debbie Malewicki, MA

Director, Center for Learning Resources

Director, Peer Tutoring Program

Safe Zone Ally

106 Maxcy Hall

University of New Haven -- "A Leader in Experiential Education"

300 Boston Post Road

West Haven, CT  06516

Phone:  (203) 932-7415

Fax:  (203) 931-6013

E-mail:  [log in to unmask]


"It is a great nuisance that knowledge can only be acquired by hard
work." -- W. Somerset Maugham




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