Our President has asked me to suggest a few names of speakers or trainers
for our faculty regarding innovative teaching methods.  He has created a
task force of which I am chairing to help our faculty address the needs of
our underprepared students.  We have not had a meeting yet to hear his
complete charge but in preliminary discussions with him, he wants us to
consider the following ideas:

1)  What kind of teaching methods can faculty use to address the different
learning styles of students.

2) Identify new and innovative teaching methods to connect with the 21st
Century Student.

He has asked me to give him a couple of names of people we could bring to
campus to work with our faculty.  Does anyone know of names and contact of
information who specialize in this area?  We are located in rural
Northwest Ohio approximately 60 miles southwest of Toledo, Ohio.  Our
college is a private liberal arts based college with approximately 1000
full time students.

Also if anyone has any research information or materials they would be
willing to share to guide us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please fill free to reply online or offline.  I can provide more
information after we get our formal charge.  He is anxious to identify a
speaker/trainer at this point.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Robin Kratzer, Director
Academic Resource Center
Instructor of Education
Defiance College
701 North Clinton Street
Defiance, OH  43512
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