Hi all:

If you go to , then log in at the Sakai link.

Once in, make sure you click the "Home" tab.

You then have two choices for navigation.  You can use one of four folders in the Home tab (Syllabus, Assignments,	Tests & Quizzes,	Lessons/Learning Models) to access the main resources.  The assignments are currently empty, and the tests and quizzes contain the practice multiple choice questions for you in each week.  The "Learning Modules" represents what you used to get in Blackboard/WebCT...and it is there that I try to bundle everything (audio, slides, practice quizzes, assignments, readings, etc.) on a week by week basis.

You can also navigate to each of these individual areas (or other sections, most of which are empty) using the left-side navigation pane.

The question-and-answer blog ( is linked under the "Web Links" section on the left-side navigation pane.

For tomorrow, please print and bring the syllabus.  Also, the Class01 powerpoint is located in the Lesson/Learning Module (they are synonymous in Sakai) for Class 01.

You need to be registered to get access, but most of you are.  If you are not yet registered, you have been enabled.  Just go to ISIS, and directly type in the section number 2720 (rather than searching for the class).  



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