If you have not been added to the class roster in ISIS (i.e., the course doesn't show up on your course schedule), you need to physically go into ISIS and register.

To register for this course you must use the add section function in ISIS and use section 2707 (for 3-credit CLP 6527) or 2720 (for 3-credit multivariate CLP 7934). You MUST use the add section function, NOT the search for course function.

If you are receiving error messages that aren't hold related or because you are searching for the course rather than entering the section, email Viki Solt ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) the error message so that she can assist you.

Regarding CLP 6527, as noted in an earlier email, all Psychology students (i.e., CLAS, in Counseling or in other areas) should be registered for the 3-credit section (2707), not the 4-credit section.  We tried to fix that today, but please verify in ISIS.  If you're wrongly in the 4-credit section, please let Viki Solt know.  If you're not in the 3-credit section, please try to register for it in ISIS.