For those of you who are staying in town for Labor Day weekend we will be
playing with radios this Thursday and W4DFU, D11-27 dental
sciences building 


On Thursday night Sept. 2nd we will be:


1.	Firing up the Gator Nation Earth station and working OSCARs,
orbiting satellites carrying amateur radio.  We will start at 7pm make
contacts on them for 3-4 hours.
2.	Having an alumni net on our W4DFU repeater and echolink from 7:30 to
8:00 pm, net control Nigel Ricards KB4F in Boca Raton.
3.	Joining the AMSAT net at 8 pm.
4.	Programming Gator1 card access to the club door lock for new members
who have ham tickets starting at 8pm.


On Saturday Sept. 4th we will be holding an open house starting at 10 am and
lasting for 4 hours (UF game starts around noon). We'll fire up all the
radios and show the world there is more than just football in Gainesville.


I hope you will join us for these events.  E-mail me with any questions.
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73, AA4FL, Dr. Jay Garlitz, W4DFU Trustee and Gator ARC faculty advisor


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