This is also to birders in the "Florida Panhandle to a point north of Cedar Key."

Forwarded by Lucy Duncan, Gulf Breeze, FL

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Hi Alabama Birders,

The USFWS would like to enlist the help of local birders in identifying significant sea/shorebird habitat (focusing on fall and winter use) along MS, AL, and the panhandle of Florida (to a point north of Cedar Key). An easy way to report the coordinates is from the website . Pan around until the crosshair in the center is on top of the area, then report the coordinates displayed in the lower right. 

Send your sites and a description of the species that use the area directly to me at [log in to unmask]


(P.S. Bob & Lucy can you forward this to the two Florida lists for me?)

Steve Holzman, North High Shoals, GA
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