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Are available at both the undergraduate level and for graduate students.
And it's one of the department of Sociology's core areas.

The principal profs in the area are: Bonnie Erickson, Alexandra Marin, 

My guesstimate is that there about 10 graduate students in the area 
now, with 4 aiming to finish dissertations this year: Kristen 
Berg, Rochelle Cote, Jennifer Kayahara, Tracy Kennedy.

Some network folks who've moved on include Keith Hampton (Annenberg), 
Bernie Hogan (Oxford), Dimitrina Dimitrova (York/Canada), Jeffrey Boase 
(Rutgers), Wenhong Chen (Texas), Emmanuel Koku (Drexel), Nancy Nazer (TD 
Bank VP), Scot Wortley (Crimn/Toronto).

Some network students have also been at our Fac of Information. Currently 
Zack Hayat, with Kate Johnson, Anabel Quan-Haase, Caroline Haythornthwaite 
having gone on to higher things. (We co-directed their diss.)

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