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Hi all,

I'm hoping to use respondent-driven sampling (RDS) for a network
survey-based project.  However, I'm coming up against an IRB problem.  My
institution *does no*t allow any incentives to paid to respondents for
helping researchers recruit participants.  For those who don't know much
about RDS, the procedure uses a dual reward system: (1) a respondent is
rewarded for taking the survey and (2) the respondent is also rewarded for *
successfully* recruiting subsequent participants (*successful* meaning that
the recruit completed the survey as well).

Does anyone have advice for working around this issue? One idea that a
colleague of mine suggested was to build in a small follow-up questionnaire
to administer to a respondent (post survey completion), perhaps a few
questions about the nature of the relationship between the respondent and
the people they recruited.  Then, the reward that was originally meant for
successful recruitment could be justifiable given for participating in the
follow-up survey.

I would appreciate any creative suggestions and/or advice based on past
experiences in getting IRB approval for a study using RDS.  Thanks in


Lindsay Young
Doctoral Student
Northwestern University
School of Communication
Media, Technology and Society (MTS)

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