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Hello everyone,

A quick email to announce the publication of the
report on the utility of social network analysis for community regeneration.

The Connected Communities'<>
for a new approach to community regeneration, based on an understanding of
the importance of social networks, and the potential of SNA interventions in
efforts to combat isolation and to support the development of resilient and
empowered communities.

Based on an extensive research project undertaken in New Cross Gate in
southeast London, and in Knowle West, Bristol, the report combined SNA as
diagnostic tool and analysis of community policy and
the UK to create an analytical framework based on notions of
connectivity, contagion and reflexivity.

Our analysis has given us a preliminary understanding of New Cross Gate
which will be used to shape SNA-based interventions in the community.
Amongst other things the research highlighted that:

• A quarter of our respondents could not name anyone in their social network
who they thought was *a) *good at bringing people together or *b) *could
help them contact someone with influence, power or responsibility to change
things locally.

• One in fifty of our respondents did not know anybody in their local area
that supported them or helped them to make changes in any way.

• ‘Familiar strangers’ like postmen and dustmen appear to be under-utilised
community resources; in our case study more people recognise and find value
in their postman than their local councillor.


• Our geographic sense of what is central to a community is highly
misleading, and community hubs, including pubs and sports clubs, are an
important aspect of community resilience and empowerment.

Download Connected Communities: How social networks power and sustain the
Big Society<>(PDF,

thank you,

*Gaia Marcus*

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