Hello Listers,

I am a newbie to the list.  This past year has been my first full year
as director of CAS at LSU, and filling in for my hero Saundra McGuire is
an impossible task :-). Needless to say I've been quite busy, but I have
been reading the very helpful information provided by everyone on this

We, like so many of us, are experiencing budget cuts and other financial
challenges, we are looking at creative ways to ensure our academic
support programs for students continue.  I was wondering if any of your
tutoring or S.I. programs are funded by a student fee?  I would
appreciate folks sharing different models of student fees used to
provide academic support.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Melissa B. Brocato
Center for Academic Success
Louisiana State University
B-31 Coates Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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