Learning Center & Tutoring Services Webinar Series


During Fall 2010, Innovative Educators will take an in depth look at best practices in learning centers and tutoring services. This practical and innovative series is a must for any institution hoping to improve services. 



What sessions are available?  

         The Broken Spoon: Training Tutors to Develop Independent Learning Skills in Students: <>  October 12

          Teach Students HOW to Learn: Metacognition is the Key!: <> October 20

         Supplemental Instruction: Improving Student Engagement, Performance and Course Completion: <> October 28

          Using Best Practices to Develop, Maintain, and Enhance a Tutor Training Program: <> November 16

          Online Tutoring: Expanding College Academic Support Services: <> November 18

         Measurable Outcomes for Tutor Programs: <>  December 1

         Evaluating Tutor Training: <>  December 7

Innovative Educators
Valerie Kisiel
Mailing Address:
13635 Clermont Court
Thornton, CO  80602

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