Hi Florida Birders,

Let me get this out before the report gets any colder!

A good day yesterday, Tuesday, in Taylor county where I, for a change, actually managed to intersect a few birds.  Not sure how this fits into the overall pattern of Bob Duncan's "good stuff" in the far western panhandle, and a few lesser reports from the peninsula.  I can only offer this as just another data point.

My destination was Hickory Mound Impoundment.  It was birdy right from the get-go, and I was torn between tarrying on the 8-mile entrance drive and getting to the southernmost spots.  Of course I did as little of  both.

It was high tide when I arrived early morning.  No ducks, no terns, only one gull (Laughing), and minimal shorebirds (a few Spotted Sandpipers and Willets) to distract me.  Alas.

But wait, there's more!

Passerine highlights:

Acadian Flycatchers, several heard calling.  Some were not quite the exclamatory call I'm used to, but after checking sources, I must conclude they were Acadians.

Gray Catbird - more than I could count, newly arrived, and proud of it.

Thrushes: zero

C Chickadees - several

Vireos - only White-eyed and Red-eyed

Tennessee Warbler - entrance road


Yellow Warbler - about a dozen

Chestnut-sided - 2

Magnolia - one, oddly, at the exact same spot and same tree I saw one in April.  It was the only warbler I saw that day.  Perplexing.




Palm - several on entrance road


Redstart - about 6

Ovenbird - several on entrance road

N Waterthrush - at least 2 on entrance road

Kentucky Warbler - whoopie!


Chat - entrance road

Summer Tanager - one

Indigo Buntings - a few singing on entrance road

Orchard Oriole - At the Magnolia spot.  I had seen a few here, also, in April

Baltimore Oriole - a bird I couldn't place flew across the road as I was driving north on the entrance road.  I stopped, and glory be, the bird was in full view in a large oak eating berries from a vine.  I would have bet good money I wouldn't connect with it again!

A great day with some new county birds for me.

Dotty Robbins
High Springs

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