Pubs and pints help keep UK homes warm.
Reuters, October 8, 2010

LONDON Oct 8 (Reuters) - A visit to the local pub will help Britons keep
their homes warm and their stoves alight as the country's first commercial
facility turning organic waste into biogas started sending gas to the grid
on Friday.

Residues from beer brewed at an Adnams brewery in Suffolk and food waste
from local Waitrose supermarkets, pubs and hotels offer fuel for an
anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, which catches gas produced as microbes
feast on the organic materials.

"68 percent of what's in your kitchen bin can produce gas. All the green
stuff, all the leaves, the potatoes, the grass can go into the system and
convert to gas," said Steve Sharratt, chief executive of Biogroup, which
is operating the site, said.

Minister of State at the department for energy and climate change Greg
Barker said this week that biogas played a vital role in meeting Britain's
base- and peakload power demand.

"Bioenergy is the single most important renewable energy resource," he
said at an industry event on Wednesday.

The Suffolk AD plant is expected to produce one million cubic metres of
gas in one year's time, when the facility's capacity will be doubled,
Sharratt said.

Today the plant can provide gas for 235 homes and from the new year
onwards photovoltaic cells worth 1.0 million pounds ($1.59 million)
installed on the site will produce electricity for the machinery.

Earlier this week, British Gas, Thames Water and Scotia Gas Networks
opened their Didcot biogas plant, which uses sewage for producing methane.

National Grid estimated that human gas recycling projects could meet 15
percent of Britain's domestic gas needs by 2020."

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