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From: Merriam, Dee (CDC/ONDIEH/NCEH) [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Philips Livable Cities Award and turn your idea into reality! due Oct 27




Philips is sponsoring a competition for ideas that promote livable cities.




They are looking for ideas and concepts for improving cities that have not yet been implemented. These ideas must:

• Demonstrate a ‘simple solution’ to the complex challenges of keeping cities livable;

• Be original, and not previously proposed or developed, either in whole or part, by anyone else;

• Be implementable within a maximum of two years



There are three Award categories:

• Well-being Outdoors: Initiatives that will help make citizens feel safe and secure in public spaces, or help create city identity and foster a sense of belonging;

• Independent Living: Initiatives that will help the growing number of elderly people living alone to feel secure and comfortable in a city, and/or enable them to live longer at home with the appropriate access to healthcare;

• Healthy Lifestyle at Work and Home: Initiatives that will support a healthy body and mind, whether through a person’s surroundings or other essentials such as exercise, sleep and diet.


One overall winning idea from any of the three categories will receive a grant of €75,000. Two additional ideas from the remaining categories will also each receive grants of €25,000. In addition, the winners will have the opportunity to promote their ideas and their cities.



The deadline for submissions is 5pm Central European Time on Thursday 28 October 2010

Dee Merriam, FASLA
Community Planner

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