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I have a student building a tool that will import network data from
Wikipedia (and other MediaWiki sites) into NodeXL. NodeXL already has
other importers that grab network data (and other relevant statistics)
from Twitter, Email, YouTube, and Flickr, but nothing yet for wikis.
Our question is this: What networks should we allow people to import
and what other statistics about the Edges or Vertices should we

Here are some examples:
a) The user-to-wiki page bimodal network that links a person to a page
when they've edited the page
b) The derivative user-to-user network based on pages they've co-edited
c) The derivative page-to-page network based on shared users who've
edited both pages

We haven't focused on the page-to-page hyperlink network, since
existing tools such as VOSON can capture those. Other ideas and
thoughts would be welcome.

Also, we're always looking for people to build data importers from new
social media sites, so let us know if you or a student are willing to
do so.

Derek Hansen
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland
College of Information Studies

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