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A STATA command - centpow - is now available to compute a handful of  
node centrality and power indices.  From a symmetric (binary or  
valued) matrix, the command computes degree centrality, recursive  
centrality and power, and beta centrality and power.  It can be  
installed by typing "ssc install centpow" in the STATA command window.

Recursive centrality and power are conceptually (and often  
empirically) similar to Beta centrality and power, but are  
computationally distinct; they do not rely on eigenvalues and do not  
require selecting a 'beta' parameter.  These measures are discussed in  
two forthcoming papers, currently available at

Neal, Z. P. (in press)  Differentiating Centrality and Power in the  
World City Network, Urban Studies.

Neal, J. W. and Z. P. Neal.  (in press)  Power as a Structural  
Phenomenon, American Journal of Community Psychology.


Zachary Neal, Assistant Professor
Michigan State University
Department of Sociology & Global Urban Studies Program
316 Berkey Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

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