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  Hi socnetters,

Although there indeed are some truly excellent and well-established 
software tools for conducting hierarchical clustering of network data, I 
am still trying to implement it in my language of choice (php actually). 
However, even though I understand the principles of agglomerative vs 
divisive algorithms, as well as the varieties of single-link etc, I 
still can't get the thinking right on how to implement an algorithm that 
works similar to how it's done in Ucinet (i.e. particularly the 
resulting Part-table where each node is assigned a subgroup index at 
each cutoff-level).

Are there any open-source hc algorithms available? Is the algorithm used 
in Ucinet open-source? I found some pseudocode at Soss' homepage 
( and I 
have also had a look at the C source code that Cluster 3.0 utilizes, but 
I would need something in-between with regards to detail level (the 
latter C code seems to include a lot of auxilliary functions).


Dr Carl Nordlund
Human Ecology Division, Lund university

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