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Good Day!


We are proud to announce the posting of Sunbelt XXXI’s workshop program with 21 distinct workshops for the conference.  You can view the program at http://www.insna.org/PDF/Sunbelt/31_WorkshopsPDF.pdf for workshop descriptions, pricing, seating limits and scheduling.


You can now register for workshops when you register for the conference (https://www.insna.org/sunbelt/31_reg.html).  To add workshops to an existing registration use the Workshop Registration link (https://www.insna.org/sunbelt/31_wkreg.html ) after logging into your INSNA account (http://www.insna.org/member/login.html).  Use the “Sunbelt Registrations & Submissions” area of “Account Management” after logging into your INSNA account (http://www.insna.org/member/login.html) to obtain receipts and review purchases.  Further instructions can be found on the main Sunbelt webpage http://www.insna.org/sunbelt/.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the conference.


The Organizing Committee

Russ Bernard, Mark House, Chris McCarty, and John Skvoretz

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