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Subject: ARMA International 2011 Call for Proposals for Conference Education
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  Conference Education Call for Proposals – Now Open

*ARMA International's 56th Conference & Expo **
Washington, D.C., October 17 – 19, 2011 *

ARMA International has created quite the buzz in the records and information
management community, and for the 2011 Conference & Expo, we want to shake
things up and take your learning and networking experience to a higher
level! This is where you can make a difference.

Attendees of this conference are looking for new and better ways of doing
things in their professional lives. Feedback from previous conferences shows
that attendees expect to walk out of each session with key takeaways that
can be immediately implemented when they return to their offices.

*What’s new this year? *

There will be approximately 80 sessions, each 60 minutes in length. This
conference will also feature four new education formats.

·       *15-Minute Solutions* focus on current issues or "hot topics". They
consist of a track of sessions having an overarching theme that contain 15
slides presented in 15-minutes. They cover a broad range of subjects, from
innovative records management practices, to current trends, state-of-the-art
technologies, or career topics.

·       *Boardroom Discussions* target a c-level audience. The theme will be
"Elevating the Profession" and will highlight topics in the areas of:
technology; secure storage; compliance and risk management; disaster
planning/vital records; records retention schedules/implementation; RIM
continuing education; and marketing RIM. Boardroom Discussions are offered
in one- and two-hour formats.

·       *Executive View Point Sessions* feature leading c-level executives
from diverse industries and organizations who will share their experiences
leading at the top of the profession. They will explain how they got there
and what they're doing in their organizations that make them so valuable.
Executive View Point Sessions are offered in one-hour and two-hour formats.

·       *Thought Leader Sessions* are led by well-known experts within the
business community. These sessions expose attendees to new thinking from
outside the traditional records and information management field.  Thought
leaders have international name recognition and stature in the field,
enduring impact and influence, and have made contributions that raise the
visibility, credibility, and stature of the field. Thought Leader Sessions
are offered in one- and two-hour formats.

*This is where we need your help!* We're looking for proposals for education
programs in all areas of records management that will build core skills,
share best practices and innovations, and lead the way in industry trends.
This conference is a real sharing of ideas.

   - Do you have new techniques for e-mail management?
   - Have you begun implementing GARP®?
   - Do you have an innovative way to manage shared drives?
   - Are you efficiently managing electronic health records?
   - Do you have a fresh look on a leadership topic?
   - Do you have new ideas for managing the cloud?
   - Do you exceed at information security and privacy?
   - Other ideas?

*Submit your great
* December 6, 2010*.

To ensure your proposal meets all criteria, review the
topics <> before
submitting your proposal.

In addition, please bookmark the Facilitator
This page provides access to your submitted proposals, as well as
updated information and resources needed to assist you in the development of
your education program.

*2011 ARMA International Conference & Expo **
Washington, D.C., October 17 – 19, 2011
Pre-Conference Seminars: October 15 - 16, 2011 *

For questions about the Call for Proposals or other Education programs,
contact Jacki Conn <>, Sr.
Manager, Education.

The 2011 ARMA International Conference & Expo provides a wide variety of
promotional opportunities outside of the Conference Education Program. To
learn more about exhibiting or other sponsorship programs, please
contact Elizabeth
Zlitni <> or call 888.279.7378.

ARMA International, 11880 College Blvd, Suite 450, Overland Park, KS 66210,

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you have a prior business relationship with ARMA International. If you do
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