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Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 3:01 AM
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Subject: RE: S59A - AA4FL W4DFU 80m CW QSOs

Hi Jay,
Thank you for the contacts. Boy, you can be proud on your signal from the
club station! A real big signal the other night. I saw the pix on QRZ.Nice
and I am sure the students have great boss !

Next week I would like to test our new antenna on 160m. I will try to do my
best this band if any condx.

If you hear me on 160 in the contest you can give me a point,hi

Greetings to  you and your students.


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Zadeva: S59A - AA4FL W4DFU 80m CW QSOs

Drago, it was nice working you on 80m.  I worked you from home 
Nov.11th ( and from the university of Florida club 
station last night (

See you in the contest next week.

73, Jay AA4FL

Dr. Jay Garlitz
Courtesy Clinical Asst. Professor, UFCD Community Based Programs
Faculty Advisor, Gator Amateur Radio Club, Trustee UF station 

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