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Subject: Army Research Laboratory, Network Science Division, Research
Management - Branch Chief

Army Research Laboratory
Network Science Division
Research Management - Branch Chief

Must be a US Citizen
Salary Range: $105,211 - $155,500
Go to to apply - announcement #: NEAC10494000DP

Supervise 25 personnel of Network Security Branch. Lead basic research,
propose and execute advanced research programs which may include theoretical
approaches to detection of network intrusion attack, data exfiltration for
computer and communication networks; theory and techniques for threat
behavior analysis, automated analysis of malware; theory, structure
dynamics, evolution of friendly and adversarial networks, emergent and
self-organizing behaviors. Expertise, knowledge and skills: artificial
intelligence and machine learning techniques, use of fuzzy logic and/or
neural network technology, data mining, design and evaluation of computer
architectures and communications networks, operating systems, computer
security intrusion detection systems, assessing future computing and
communications technologies from an IA perspective, network theory, pattern
recognition, statistical analysis, anomaly detection, malware design and
analysis, cryptography.

Advanced Degree and Research Record: PhD or equivalent degree is desired as
is record of research publications in technical journals.


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