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Dear list members,

In the recent month, having basically nothing to do after getting my doc, I've been playing around with an old idea of mine: a web-based platform for SNA. Although it only has a fraction of the functions and potentials found in, e.g., Ucinet, I still think it's ready for some sort of beta testing.


What it does: after creating a user account and logging in, the user can upload network data to a server and conduct some simple analyses on this data, through a web-interface. Current functionality as follows:

* Three types of "datasets": square matrices, tables, and vectors. (Though "dataset" is perhaps a misnomer as SocNet.se currently only handles monomodal data, i.e. one toft per dataset).
* Import/upload datasets (accepts csv-files and Ucinet DL-files)
* Export matrix or table data - formats: csv, Ucinet DL:s (edgelist or fullmatrix), Pajek
* Normalization (rows or cols)
* Dichotomization
* Symmetrization
* Linear reversing
* Degree centrality
* REGE (Doug's original algorithm)
* Metric MDS (calculation of 2- or 3-dimensional coordinates from square matrices containing similarities/dissimilarities)
* Scatterplot visualization

Functionality to be added: alternative centrality indices (betweennness, closeness etc), SE, hierarchical clustering (got that finished though not uploaded - horrible code for that one), editing of data and labels, visualization of table data, visualization of matrix data, subgroup/clique identification etc.

Feel free to testdrive it - and feel even freer to give me feedback and suggestions for improvements and things to add. SocNet.se is just a non-financed hobby project (to keep my mind on something while waiting for getting my postdoc-funding rejection letters...) but I'll do my best to implement stuff that's found needed. Though keep in mind that it's quite betaish: I currently cannot guarantee dataset persistency etc.


Dr Carl Nordlund
Human Ecology Division, Lund university
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