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after long time away from UCINET, I have just realized that the CONCOR procedure now allows to specify a value for convergence that is set at 0.2 as default.
I do not remember it was possible to specify such a value in past versions (while doing experiments i only used default settings) and now i'm encountering some problems re-running the same analysis i performed some time ago.
First - i keep receving and error message that says that 0,2 is not a valid floating point - and this could be the case... but the problem is that i have no idea how to get out of it and i never had this message with this same matrix.. Should i then determine a value myself? Since this would be even more abritrary than trying out default settings as i did before, i could just leave the field blank (is this tantamount to what convergence value? perhaps 1?) ...in any case, blank or 1 i obtain different results than in my past analyses. The fact things change do not surprise me, but i need to figure out how to set a plausible convergence value for my analyses in order to make them compatible with those i performed with older versions of the software... any suggestions?

thanks in advance

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