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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the launch of SocialCitnet (Beta), an online tool
that introduces a new approach to search patent databases and to build and
analyze technology landscapes using patent citations. The tool can be
accessed online at

With a single patent number as input, SocialCitnet extracts citation
information from patent databases maintained by the USPTO (US patents) and
EPO (worldwide patents) to construct the patentís citation network.
SocialCitnet can build citation networks upto 2 levels of depth. At depth 1,
a patent's ego network is created. A depth 2 network includes patents at a
maximum of 2 citation hops from the central patent.

The tool goes on to compute three different indices for each patent in the
network, using an eigenvalue centrality approach:

   1. Patent Dependency on Network Index (A measure of how much a patent
   cites other patents in the network)
   2. Network Dependency on Patent Index (A measure of how much a patent is
   cited by other patents in the network)
   3. Ego Centric Citation Index/ Social Citation Index (A combination of
   above 2 measures)

Based on these indices, the patents are ranked and the most important
patents are identified.

With SocialCitnet, you can:

   1. Search faster and more efficiently (lot of keyword based
   trial-and-error search effort can be eliminated)
   2. Quickly build technology landscapes (depth 2 networks double up as
   technology landscapes)
   3. Identify the most important inventions (to build on or design around)

SocialCitnet Beta is free for 20 days and up to 20 searches. We are eager
for you to try it out and provide us feedback! We believe this tool can
provide a new search paradigm for inventors and patent analysts across the


Karthikeyan Iyer
Co-Crafter, Founder Director,
Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.
An Innovation Research and Consulting Think Tank
Mobile:+91-9740533255 Off: +91-80-41903185
Blog:, Skype: karthikeyan.iyer, Twitter: iamkart

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