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Hi list,

I am trying to replicate the calculation procedure to obtain Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients as a measure of structural equivalence, but I can't get it to work! I am using the formula given in Wasserman/Faust (1994) on page 368 - pseudocode-translated it looks like this (but I think the formula on W/F94:368 is easier to read...):

r(i,j)=sum( (x(k,i)-xm(*,i))*(x(k,j)-xm(*,j)) ) + sum( (x(i,k)-xm(i,*))*(x(j,k)-xm(j,*)) )
/ ( sqrt( sum( (x(k,i)-xm(*,i))^2) + sum( (x(i,k)-xm(i,*))^2) ) * sqrt( sum( (x(k,j)-xm(*,j))^2) + sum( (x(j,k)-xm(j,*))^2) ) )

(...where xm(*,i) is the mean value of column i, xm(i,*) is the mean value of row i, excluding diagonals.)

I have tested this with the Krackhardt advice relation data, even trying with manual calculation (pen, paper and calculator!), but I simply cannot replicate the results shown in W/F94:373, and the results that Ucinet yields.

Is there any open-source code (in any language) available for calculating Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients for sociomatrices? Or can anyone see directly what I've done wrong in the expression above? (I doubt that there is something wrong with formula (9.3) in Wasserman/Faust 1994:368, but perhaps there are some implicit brackets that I've missed?)


Dr Carl Nordlund
Human Ecology Division, Lund university
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