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The Gephi project, an open source graph exploration tool, wants to let the users export their data in various formats like Pajek (NET), UCINET (DL) and Netdraw (VNA).

We believe that interoperability between graph viz softwares is necessary as each one is better depending on the situation. Researchers shouldn't be locked by their data format, however as no unique graph file format is adopted, we choose to support as much formats as possible. That's why Gephi currently imports data in GML, GDF, GraphML, Pajet NET, Graphviz DOT and more...but currently lacks of exporters.

The Gephi team is too small to quickly work on these features, so here is when you enter in action:

We are experimenting a new way to attract developers and invite them to develop the features you want. As briefly explained in our blog ( ), we use Fundry, a crowdfunding platform ready for open innovation, to pledge for specific improvements like file exporters:

If you have some time but no money, code an exporter and you'll get paid depending on how much other people are ready to give.
If you have some money but no time, pledge for an exporter you need to increase the chance to see it implemented.

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