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Dear SOCNETers -- Here's a summary of the replies I received to my query. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to help me out. My query is shown first below. Best regards,  -ken



Does anyone have examples of analysis of information sharing and collaboration networks among employees of US federal agencies?

We are beginning a study of information sharing and collaboration between scientists and  resource managers in the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other federal natural resources agencies. We are aware of:

Birk, S.M. 2005. Application of network analysis in evaluating knowledge capacity. New Directions for Evaluation, 107, Fall, 69-79.

which examined networks among technical experts in the Idaho National Laboratory, but have located no other similar papers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. They need not be about natural resources agency personnel, but it would be most useful if they were about federal personnel.

Thanks!          -ken

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Hi Ken,


Here’s one:


Leischow SJ , Luke DA, Mueller NB, Harris JK, Ponder P, Marcus S, Clark PI. Mapping U.S. government tobacco control leadership: Networked for success? Nicotine Tob Res 2010; 12: 888-894.


We are in the process of submitting another one from this same data, although it looks at influence networks rather than collaboration.





Dear Ken

We just completed a study for the FAA where we developed a pilot tactic knowledge and trust network if you are interested.



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I am working on my dissertation examining the overlaps of federal advisory committees with the largest corporations and nonprofits.  There are some studies that look at membership of federal advisory committees, but none that I know of that really use social network analysis.  I could send along the citations if you are interested

Scott Dolan Department of Sociology State University at Albany Albany, NY 12222 office: 518-442-3979 cell: 518-944-8626 email: [log in to unmask]


We did two sna projects for state agencies that function with federal oversight -- of two western states. Both projects were supported at least in part by federal funding. We were looking for centrality scores for expertise and learned of that and much more. We have not published the results per se, but we did release a white paper. We did some unique things with the informed consent requirements which helped with our IRB. Some of the findings can be found in my book Methods-Based Management, which is referenced below at Amazon. As a result of these studies, I developed the "process vs prerogative" concepts within methods-based management. If you are interested, I could send the white paper -- which coincidentally was a study of the corresponding agency in Idaho -- and some of the informed consent documents, which may help you set up your study.
Ken Tingey


Hi Ken,


Here is a paper we presented at the Academy of Management that we are working on getting ready for submission.  It is particular to incident management but may be useful.




Branda Nowell <[log in to unmask]>


Not to brag about the work we've done with environmental policy
networks, but we've done plenty of it.  It is not just federal agencies,
but it is all kinds of different government agencies and I think many of
the findings translate just fine into federal agency working groups.  So
I would look at work by the following people (to start):

Adam Henry

Ramiro Berardo

John Scholz

Chris Weible

Mark Lubell

Beatrice Crona

Orjan Bodin

Marco Janssen

Good luck!

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>Take a look at the recent publication below.  Additional analyses of
>this dataset are underway by Jenine Harris and Doug Luke at Washington
>University.  Best regards.  Scott
>Leischow, S.J., Luke, D.A., Mueller, N., Harris, J.K., Ponder, P.,
>Marcus, S., & Clark, P.I.  (September, 2010). Mapping U.S. government
>tobacco control leadership: Networked for success?  Nicotine and Tobacco
>Research.  Volume 12, Number 9, 888­894.


Here is another one that might be of interest.

J..C. Johnson and D. Parks. “Communication Roles, Perceived Effectiveness, and Satisfaction in an Environmental Management Program.” Journal of Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory VOL 4(3) 223-239, 1998.

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