All of this sounds great, but at what price ($/kW)? I am currently working on a project where the biosolids from a wwtp are incinerated as a disposal method rather than landfilling. To make it a renewable green energy project, waste heat boilers were added along with a 3MW steam turbine. Cost for the renewable energy portion is $7.33/watt. Rather pricey considering a landfill gas to energy project would typically be closer to $3/watt. At least the fuel is free (kinda).

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As the world attempts to wean itself from fossil fuels — a result of the converging desires to combat climate change, improve energy security, and create green jobs — renewables such as the sun, wind, water, and hot rocks will play a larger role. So will energy sources, such as nuclear and natural gas, that are cleaner than the current favorites, coal and oil. The question is: Can any of these resources — or even all of them put together — begin to approach the scale needed to transform the world’s energy supply? And even if the world’s economies can muster the resources and willpower to wean themselves off fossil fuels, how many decades will it take? And can we move fast enough to stave off the potentially calamitous effects of climate change?



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