Thank you Karen!


There are 489 subscribers to this listserv and it has been around since 2005.


For those who haven’t used QUERY STUDIO recently, here is a link to a guide for getting started.


Also, the Online DATA DICTIONARY is a superb resource for locating essential data elements to build a query.


Depending on the data you need, Query Studio can return results much faster than PS Query.   I’ve had a Query Studio report return results in under 3 seconds that would time out in PeopleSoft Query.




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Good afternoon. I hope everyone is having a terrific new year.  I turned a year older last week... since I can't do that again this year, my new year can only get better!! YAY for older and wiser :)


I see there is some confusion about this LISTSERV specifically. Here are the basics:

·         This list (ER-QUERY) is a LISTSERV for Query Studio users

·         Because you have access to Query Studio, you are on the LISTSERV

·         This is a closed list; nobody can subscribe to this LISTSERV

·         Each Friday the list is populated with people who have the UF_ER_QUERY_STUDIO security role

·         If you wish to be removed from the list, please contact your Departmental Security Administrator and request removal of the UF_ER_CRN_QUERY_STUDIO security role

·         When you reply to the LISTSERV, you are replying to ALL -- Feel free to do that.  You are all invited to share helpful Query Studio tips and tricks on this LISTSERV!  That's why we created it!


This LISTSERV will be especially useful for the upcoming changes to Query Studio as part of the myUFL FI Upgrade.  Stay tuned for more information!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this LISTSERV.  I can be reached at [log in to unmask].

Query On!  Karen



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