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> NodeXL can import and append data to an existing data set. Uncheck the
menu item "Clear NodeXL workbook first" in the Import menu.

> NodeXL Vertex and Edge attributes can be of any data type, although only
numeric values are presented in the Autofill Columns feature.  Better
support for categorical variables is a pending work item.


(for Team NodeXL)

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 6:46 PM, Malcolm Alexander <
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> I have just finished teaching a course on SNA at the ACSPRI Summer School -
> Canberra Australia. This is the tenth time I have done it now.
> I have found that NetDraw is the best way to get into some basic network
> diagrams - however you need to do this by using the VNA data format
> described (briefly) in the NetDraw documentation.
> I have students enter their node data and tie data as separate worksheets
> in
> an Excel document. This allows you to do all your data cleaning and simple
> analyses using the Excel functions. You then copy and paste this
> information
> into a text (Notepad) file and read it directly into UCINET and/or NetDraw.
> NodeXL utilises almost the same structure for data management - so I am
> planning to run it as well as NetDraw. It has different visualisation
> potential.
> However it is much more limited. A couple of drawbacks I have found:
> 1. NodeXL expects numeric data only for node/ vertex data. Much social
> science data is categorical and it is useful to have the labels (e.g. Male
> and
> Female) immediately visible. NetDraw handles this type of data much better.
> 2. NodeXL will import tie/edge data from another Excel document. When it
> does so, however, it wipes out any node/vertex data you had in the NodeXL
> template.
> I think the drawing and visualisation possibilities in NodeXL are better
> than
> NetDraw - and it has an UnDo button - which NetDraw does not. However for
> most social science type network dataset I think the VNA format is best for
> data management and NetDraw is optimised to produce useful diagrams
> quickly.

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