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Hi list,
Although my own personal ego-network suffers tremendously from me having the flu, it has given me some time to work a bit more on my project, the web-based network-analytical software thingie. I have just uploaded the latest batch of code to

New stuff in
* Viewing and editing all data in all datasets. Just click View/edit in the Datasets panel and voila, a nice Ajax-controlled popup appears making it possible to edit the content. Samt with label names - just click Edit labels in the same panel.
* Apart from uploading in csv and dl formats, it is now also possible to create empty datasets from scratch (Datasets>Create empty dataset).
* Actor merging (Matrix>Merge actors) - possible to merge two or more actors in a dataset, using either max, min, mean or sum of the values in each actors' rows/columns.
* Remove actors (Matrix>Delete actors) - simple, just select one or more actors to remove from a sociomatrix.
* Trim/round values (Transform>Round/trim values) - strip number of decimals to your liking.
* Fill matrix (Transform>Fill matrix) - fill a matrix with a chosen value, either all cells of just the diagonal.
* Hierarchical clustering - still not working. Tricky stuff actually when you got 2 or more cluster-splits at the same level! Apparently, I need to implement some subgroup identification functions first...
* Structural equivalence (Role-analysis>Structural equivalence) - using either euclidean distances or Pearson product-moment correlation. Observe that the results obtained by the latter method is not identical to the results obtained in Ucinet - not sure where the error lies though.
* Also: added two more example datasets - one containing bilateral flows of ecological footprints between 100 countries for the period 1995-1999 (annual means). And the Krackhardt advice relationship dataset. These can be found under Datasets>Install example data.

For questions, queries and wishes etc, just drop me a line.


Dr Carl Nordlund
Human Ecology Division, Lund university

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