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I took an excellent short into SNA class 5 years ago, and though I am fascinated by the concepts, unfortunately did not really retain any of what I learned, so I'm hoping that someone here can steer me in the right direction. I am now planning on working on a project looking at reasons women at a particular company do not move from middle to upper management, and would love to be able to include some sort of SNA aspect to the project. My hypothesis is that women who move to upper management are more connected -- do any of you know of any literature on this? I am sure there must be something, just haven't been able to find it.

My other questions are:

1. Do you know of any already-constructed surveys that are related to this?

2. Is it possible to get anything useful out of a network where you can't even survey 50% of the population? The study we're doing is mostly qualitative (individual interviews and focus groups), so we are only reaching 100-200 people, and the company has thousands of (or even tens of thousands of) employees.

If you can give me any guidance, I would greatly appreciate it!

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