Re: Blue-headed Parakeets in St. Pete [01062011] Oops!!! - its Blue-crowned and 
not Blue-headed

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Subject: Blue-headed Parakeets in St. Pete [01062011]

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Subject:  Blue-headed Parakeets in St. Pete [01062011]
Hi all:
Often, while driving home from the Tyrone shopping area [I live in South St. 
Pete] I drive via 1st Avenue South and slow down to see if any Blue-headed 
Parakeets are present at house on the corner of 38th Street & 1st Avenue South 
[southwest corner].  A couple of years ago I would see them here periodically.  

This afternoon, after a long time of not seeing them here, they were present in 
the tree with the bird feeders - three Blue-headed.  Unfortunately I did not 
have my camera with me.  I am including links to a couple of pix of these 
Parakeets from couple years back.  Also present was one Black-hooded Parakeet 
and a Mourning Dove.  At times a Cooper’s Hawk will perch in the top of this 
tree keeping all the birds at bay but not today.
Happy birding!
David Laliberte
St. Pete, FL


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