Julie Colgan asked:

Am I crazy to think that the corporate records of
a health care entity would be much the same as any other business
(accounting, HR, facilities, etc.)?  What am I missing?

Well, in the immortal words of Forrest Gump: Crazy is as crazy does.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Anyway, as usual it all depends, this time on how you define corporate records.  We do indeed just have the usual kinds of things that you noted:  HR, contracts, budget, audit, corporate officers' files, marketing records, etc.  Most health care facilities are non-profits, so we also have Board of Trustee minutes, fund raising files, etc., and some of us also have academic records from medical and/or graduate schools.  This would include the Registrar's office files, curriculum material, and student files.  And, of course, we get accredited and inspected all the time by various bodies, so we have a lot of those files. (Yup, we get the best of all worlds.) 

As Sasha Babin pointed out, we do also have 'different' records beyond just patient files:  equipment safety data, occupational exposure records, pathology specimens, HIPAA compliance files, etc. So, it really does all come down to how you want to define corporate records.

Hope this provides some insight. 


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