Good afternoon BESTers,

Here is a great opportunity to positively engage in the discussion of
sustainable technologies.  Tomorrow (Feb. 15th) at 5:30pm the film 'Fuel'
will be played in Pugh Hall (on the UF campus).  The event is free.  See
below for more details.

Hope to see you there.

Scott J. Edmundson


The Bob Graham Center for Public Service will be screening one of the
decade's most critically acclaimed environmental documentaries, Fuel, an
entertaining yet informative look at America's oil use and abuse, followed
by a discussion with the film's director and producer.

Writer-director Josh Tickell and producer Rebecca Harrell will take
questions during the screening in the Pugh Hall Ocora that begins at 5:30

Fuel is a highly critical, in-depth, personal journey that examines a host
of energy answers to America's oil addiction as well as offering a
devastating critique of the U.S. auto and petroleum industries' role in
resisting change.

Attendees will enjoy free pizza and beverages before the screening.

For more information,