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Looks like conservation wins again! I'd love to 'Thank' Rick Scott in person at a gathering at his hoouse along with the thousand of folks who will not get jobs working on that high speed rail line and the thousand who have to endure the gross and painfully slow drive on I-4 when they could be wizzing along at high speed. Biofuels seem to me to be a huge gift to mega ag corporations like monsanto, and the forestry industry, both of which are so heavily subsidized it makes medicaid look self sufficient, and a damn sight more useful. Frankenfuels are just as scary as frankenfoods and is a forest of seedlings planted in rows really a forest or just a plantation?

OK thanks!

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I was present in the congratulations line for the first patent of this process by Dr. Lonnie Ingram, for US Patent No. 5,000,000.  Do you know how many US Patents have been allowed in the succeeding 20 years? About 2,400,000. ALSO NOTE: that was more than half-a-scientist's career ago.  Wow! 
As long as I am feeling curmudgeonly, breathing n-butanol fumes, even a little in the lab still makes me ill even half a century after being unavoidably exposed to a small commercial distillation plant. Dr. Khosla's claims would probably have done likewise had I invested in them. But, remember, he IS an I.T. guy!  
David A. Carlson, PhD.

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Thank you, Andrew for providing clarifying info and differentiating the problem/issue.


Dr. Wendell A. Porter, P.E.

University of Florida

Of course the process is complicated, if it wasn't we would be doing it already. But it will take investment from both the private and public sector to make it a reality.

Work done at the University of Florida by Dr. Lonnie Ingram is being utilized in what will be the largest cellulosic ethanol plant in the world. It will be right here in Florida, creating jobs and economic development. That same project will hopefully someday use advanced biofuels because of the partnership with Vercipia, BP and DuPont.