Hello HOSA Members, 

Give Kids The Wolrds:

    Unfortunately we probably wont be volunteering at Give Kids the World this February the 26th but they have tons of other days for us to go. In order for us to volunteer it is really important that everyone fills out the online application and background check ( You can find it by clicking on this link ------> ). I need the application done by Thursday, February 3rd. Once this application is done I should be able to contact them in order to coordinate a date. Make sure you all put HOSA at UF under the organization so I they can identify us. 

Haven Hospice:

    We decided that we will be volunteering every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7:30 pm. Those members that would like to start volunteering at Emeritus (Assisted living facility) through haven hospice need to email me the following information:

Local Address:
Phone #:
Shirt Size:

    The sooner I get everyone's information the sooner we can start volunteering. The deadline for everyone to send me their information is Thursday, February 3rd. 

Thank you and hope to see you all at our next meeting, 

Andres E. Morales IV
HOSA at UF President 2010-2011
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences